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12th March 2020:

Dear colleagues,

Following the World Health Organization’s declaration of a pandemic, and the health advice and travel restrictions between countries, we are obliged to postpone the WVEPAH-OIE training session scheduled for 23rd March to 3rd April 2020.

Though the risk from contamination for an individual in good health is very limited, the risk of spreading the virus through travel is notable, and with serious consequences for the elderly or those with underlying health conditions, which further obliges us to make this difficult decision.

Depending on the political handling of the situation, the closing of borders etc. and, as with the flu, the movement to the endemic stage of the pandemic, we plan to hold the session from 1st June to 12th June 2020, which gives us two and a half months to further review as necessary.

We will confirm these dates as soon as possible.

We apologise for this inconvenience, albeit beyond our control.

Best regards,
Dr. Pierre Cadot
WVEPAH Director


26th February 2020:
The planned June 2020 Broilers module in Almaty, Kazakhstan has been postponed.

Information on upcoming courses:

Scheduled for 2020:

General Module I in French in Dakar, Senegal, date to be confirmed, provisionally set for 01 June – 12 June 2020
Layers in English in Nairobi, Kenya, 21 September – 02 October 2020
Broilers in English in Los Baños, Philippines, 19 – 30 October 2020
Broilers in Spanish in Guadalajara, Mexico, 23 November – 04 December 2020
Broilers in English/ Russian translation, place and date to be confirmed


Information concerning the diploma

Graduates (listed by nationality):

Dr. Mohamed Amine Bouderbal
Dr. Salim Zaidi

Burkina Faso
Dr. Souleymane Guiro
Dr. Lalé Nébié

Dr. Florent Messomo
Dr. Fleurette Amélie Nleme
Dr. André Noufele
Dr. Antoinette Difo Espe Tsangue
Dr. Frank Dupleix Wouembe Khalan
Dr. Henry René Zambou

Dr. Ramy Mohamed Abdallh Alazounni
Dr. Ahmed Mohamed Abdelkhalek
Dr. Amr Ali Ahmed El Shemy
Dr. Mahmoud Saad Mohamed Elrami
Dr. Ahmed Abdalla Mohamed Ahmed Ahmed
Dr. Ahmed Ali Mohamed Elshabrawy
Dr. Ahmed Qandil
Dr. Ahmed Galal Zaky

Dr. Reza Karim Bentaleb
Dr. Sophie Lagadec-Pelle

Dr. Dimitrios Koutsianos

Ivory Coast
Dr. Zahou Boris-Arnaud Bitty

Dr. Shadi Nayef Odeh Amareen

Dr. Naltiana Rakotondrabe

Dr. Sidi Traore

Dr. Driss Bengoumi
Dr. El Bachir Erraji

Dr. Tomasz Dzieciolowski

Dr. Geoffroy Djossa
Dr. Franckin Noel Jaovelo
Dr. Mahamat Mazra
Dr. René Karim Ndiaye
Dr. Gana Pené
Dr. Omar Thiam
Dr. Jean de Capistan Zanmenou

Dr. Imadeldeen Abdaislam Alagib Adam

Dr. Omar Abbes
Dr. Radhouane Ben Haddada
Dr. Wafa Ben Hamouda
Dr. Zied Chtioui
Dr. Said Jaajaa
Dr. Khaled Kaboudi
Dr. Kamel Melki
Dr. Ahmed Rejeb

United Arab Emirates
Dr. Ahmed Ibrahim Maghawry

United Kingdom
Dr. Laura Fleming