Dr. Eric Mansuy
Student at the Ecole Supérieure d’Agriculture d’Angers (ESA). M.Sc. in Agriculture(1997-2001)

Teacher Assistant of “Milk and Meat industry” option
Ecole supérieure d’agriculture (ESA) – 2001 – France, Angers (49)

Project management:
Young manager of the “Vitamin E project for the poultry feed”
Literature, Trial protocol, Data treatment and Marketing relation with consumers
Update of a nutrition guide for pigs and poultry “Rhodimet Nutrition guide®”
Adisseo – 1999/2002 – France, Antony (92)

Researcher of the meat poultry production (broiler, turkey, duck)
Literature, Experimental trial, Field trial, R&D animation, scientific relation
Glon Sanders –2002/2008 – France, Paris (75) and Bruz (35)

Technical Manager:
Poultry Nutritionist
Advices to technical team and poultry farmers
In charge to the poultry R&D orientation
Mixscience (Avril Group) – since 2008 – France, Bruz (35)