Dr. Ian Rubinoff

Hy-Line (USA)


• Originally from Rhode Island
• Bachelors of Science (BS), Animal Science, University of Rhode Island, 2005
• Masters of Public Health (MPH), University of Minnesota, 2009
• Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), University of Minnesota 2009
• Diplomate of the American College of Poultry Veterinarians
• Research – egg quality on layer complexes; avian influenza in backyard flocks and migrating waterfowl
• Worked with Hy-Line International since 2009
• Global technical services veterinarian and European Account Manager
• Work with Hy-Line North America and Valo BioMedia North America (SPF)
• Help customers and distributers understand poultry diseases, vaccination programs, flock management, import and export of genetic stock, biosecurity, and welfare, manage key global accounts
• Work with global grandparent distribution hubs

Dr. Ian Rubinoff is a Technical Services Veterinarian and the European Account Manager with Hy-Line International. Since 2009 he has worked on disease prevention, management, nutrition, export, and biosecurity issues with global distributers, and speaks at seminars for a variety of organizations. Dr. Rubinoff also works with the global grandparent distribution hubs primarily in the UK, Brazil, Japan, China, India, and South Africa to ensure good performance and quality parent stock delivered to the farms.

Dr. Rubinoff is originally from Rhode Island, and attended the University of Rhode Island for undergrad. He earned his D.V.M and M.P.H degrees from the University of Minnesota, while working with the layer industry and researching avian influenza.