Dr. Luiz Sesti


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) – UFSM, Brazil
MSc (Master of Science) – UFRGS, Brazil
PhD (Philosophy Doctor) – NCSU, North Carolina, USA


  • 38 years professional work in the años de trabajo professional en las areas de:
    – Biosecurity in poultry production
    – Monitoring of poultry health and disease preventin/control at all levels of the poultry production pyramid (purelines, great grandparents, grandparents, breeders and commercial broilers and layers)
    – Field poultry vaccinology (development and validation of new vaccination protocols, comparative trials, field R&D trials for new biologicals)
    – Academia  teaching and research at universities in Brazil and USA
  • Member of the American Association of Poultry Pathologists (AAAP)
  • Member of the World Veterinary Poultry Association (WVPA).
  • Member of the scientific committee of Brazilian Association of Animal Protein, the official representative body of the Brazilian poultry industry before the Ministry of Agriculture of Brazil.
  • Over 68 technical/scientific publications (books, peer reviewed papers for scientific journals, articles in technical magazines, review articles, abstracts and short articles presented and published in scientific events).

Since 2005, working at Ceva Animal Health as Head of Veterinary Services for Latin America (all Spanish speaking countries and Brazil).
Current main focus and responsibilities:
a. poultry diseases monitoring, diagnosis and control through environmental biosecurity and vaccination at medium/large independent and vertically integrated poultry companies
b. field monitoring of poultry vaccines
c. field testing of newly developed poultry vaccines (e.g., new technology vector vaccines)
d. field and controlled challenge trials for poultry vaccines
e. veterinary services training for poultry companies’ veterinarians, official veterinarians and young academic professionals
f. technical/scientific partnership with universities / independent poultry research institutions/ disease diagnostic centers / international Consultants