Module II. Egg layers

Online Training, 01 June -29 October 2021

General course information

  • To access the course notes and the pre-recorded courses, the students must be registered and the course fees paid.
  • There will be blocks of 2 hours with the CMs, 3-4 months after the availability of the course notes and the pre-recorded courses.
  • Module I will be mandatory before following a specialized module (broiler chickens, layers, turkeys, waterfowl) which will also be completely online in 2021.
  • If a Course Master teaches several courses, an attempt will be made to group together the live portion of all his courses.
  • There will be only one exam and it will also be done online with the help of the University of Luxembourg. It will be in the form of an MCQ (multiple choice questions) and there will be 100 questions that will cover both Module I and the specialized module.

Course Masters:

Dr Eric Gingerich (USA)
Dr Vincent Guyonnet (CA)
Dr Stéphane Lemière (FR)
Dr Mike Petrik (CA)
Dr Peter Plumstead (ZA)
Dr Ian Rubinoff (USA)
Dr Hilde vanMeirhaeghe (BE)


Robert Gauthier (CA)


Pierre Cadot (FR)

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Tuition fee

2.350 EUR / 2.800 USD


Pre-recorded Courses

Dr Vincent Guyonnet

Course description and objectives

2 hours

Introduction to the world egg industry

1 hour

Egg production systems

1 hour

Egg quality and grading

1 hour

Biosecurity in egg production

1,5 hours

Integrated management of nuisances, pest control

1 hour

Positive and negative aspects of cage-free egg production systems

1 hour

Anatomy and physiology of the egg production organs

Dr Peter Plumstead

1 hour

Calcium and phosphorus metabolism in commercial layers

2 hours

Layers nutrition principles for veterinarians

1.5 hour

Management of feed consumption to improve body weight, egg size, survival rate and egg production

Dr Hilde vanMeirhaeghe

1.5 hours

Diseases of the reproductive system

1 hour

How to investigate problems in layers

1 hour

Skin and mucus membrane problems

1 hours

Musculo-squeletal problems

2 hours

Internal and external parasites

1.5 hours

Preparation in face of catastrophic diseases

1 hour

Food safety in commercial egg production

30 min

Egg drop syndrome

30 min

Emerging and re-emerging problems in layers

Cornell University

6 hours

Videos on necropsy techniques (on line)

Dr Ian Rubinoff

3 hours

Bacterial and mycoplasma related diseases

2 hours

Liver problems in layers

2 hours

Lighting programs principles

Dr Stéphan Lemière

2 hours

Viral respiratory diseases

2 hours

Avian influenza

2 hours

Immunosuppressive and neoplastic diseases

1 hour

Poultry vaccines, viral, bacterial, recombinant vector vaccines

1 hour

Designing a pullet & layer vaccination programs adapted to the local situation and vaccination team and vaccination during production

Dr Mike Petrik

2 hours

Key points for starting and growing pullets

1.5 hours

Challenges in starting pullets

1 hour

Basic medication principles with pullets and layers

1 hour

Poultry welfare in egg production

3.5 hours

Bacterial infections

Dr Eric Gingerich

2 hours

Enteric diseases

2 hours

Behaviour problems in commercial layers

2 hours

Intoxication in commercial layers

1 hours

Nutritional and metabolic problems

45 min

Neurological syndrome (transient paralysis)

On-line live sessions with the CMs

(7 blocks of 2 hours)


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Oct 2021

Minor changes may be made to this program

Total number of hours including the online presence part: 72

Tuition fee Module II Egg layer course 2021:

2.350 EUR /2.800 USD

Tuition fee includes your place in the course (access to the pre-recorded videos and the live exchanges), access to the course notes and WVEPAH private Facebook group as well as the registration fee to the University of Luxembourg.

To access the course notes and the pre-recorded courses, the students must be registered and the course fees paid.

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