Certificate Program Fees

The total certificate fee consists of the University registration fee, the Examination fee and the Tuition fees for the respective courses.

1. University registration fee

  • The Luxembourg University registration fee for the semester in which the Certificate examination takes place,

  • You will be enrolled as a student at the University of Luxembourg after your course registration has been confirmed and your payment has been received.

  • Please send payment only after you have received a pre-registration confirmation.

2. Tuition fees

  • May vary according to the discipline. Generally, courses that require a lot of material are more expensive than others.

  • Include the participation in the course for ten full days, lunch/coffee breaks, course notes and additional teaching material, participation for one year in the distance-learning component via a private group on Facebook.

  • Include the Luxembourg University registration and examination fee,

  • Not participating in the examination will not result in a refund.

  • Accommodation and transportation are not included. The WVEPAH office will provide a list of hotels to assist with travel arrangements.

  • Are paid for each course directly to WVEPAH. Please see WVEPAH Terms and Conditions



The tuition fees and/or fees for the Certificate program must be paid in advance. Please contact us at info@wvepah.org for details.

You may choose to pay by:

    • Credit card (Visa / MasterCard). Please indicate your card type, card number, cardholders’ name, expiration date, control number: 3-digit number to be found on the back of the card.
    • Bank transfer to the WVEPAH account

For payments in Euro

no. IBAN: LU95 0028 5100 2301 0300
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg,
69, route d’Esch L-2953 Luxembourg

For payments in USD

no. IBAN: LU62 0028 5100 2301 0800
Banque Internationale à Luxembourg,
69, route d’Esch L-2953 Luxembourg

Please note that additional bank charges will not be accepted by WVEPAH.