Admission requirements

Candidates must hold a recognized university degree (diploma) in veterinary or animal science from a University or equivalent institution of higher learning. If the diploma is not written in one of the official Luxembourg University (LU) languages: En, Fr, Sp, a certified translation must be provided. They must already have experience in the field of poultry. The non-veterinarians will participate in all teaching and will benefit from the same services as provided to the veterinarians but are not allowed to take the Certificate examination. At the end of each module they receive an “Attestation of Participation” for having attended the training.

The candidates must provide evidence that they worked full time in the field of poultry production during the total duration of the program.

How to register for the Certificate Program?

The application deadline will be defined following the completion of a ‘General’ and a ‘Specialized’ module. Participation in the distance-learning component is compulsory for the exam registration.

The course dates are available through

Please send an email, in the language of the respective course, to the WVEPAH office ( expressing your intention to participate in the program.

To apply for the CPAH *Poultry* Program CAHPP, please submit the following documents in digital form as an attachment in Word, PDF or JPG format:

1. Personal Identification

  • One passport photo

  • One copy of your passport or personal identification card

2. Evidence of academic background

  • One certified true copy of your university degree and a copy of the translation of your degree if it is written in a language other than English, French, Spanish or German.

3. Evidence of health insurance

  • A copy of your national or European health insurance card or private health insurance for non-Europeans covering the course period.

4. Evidence of required professional environment and position

  • Employment Verification Letter stating time of employment, position, job responsibilities, name and type of practice, company or institution.

5. A detailed CV (Download PDF template).